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Beer means cultural diversity - check it out here

You want to experience the diversity of German beers? You are interested in unusual recipes with beers? What is the right drinking temperature for which beer? What is the German Purity Law? How do I pour wheat beer?

Don’t worry! You don’t have to become an expert. Just check out a few things below.

Barrels Purity Law
German Purity Law

Most important in brewing is the combination of tradition and technology. After all, beer has been produced from four ingredients in accordance with the German Purity Law for five centuries now: malt, hops, yeasts and water. The balance between traditional brewing and state-of-the art technology makes Eichbaum brew beer that is not only unique but also of top quality – a real market leader...

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Young people and beer

Beer means conviviality. Beer has always been a symbol of a special way of life and brings together young people from all over the world. In the Rhine-Neckar region, conviviality is part of us. That is why we always look forward to our annual beer party (Braufest). Conviviality as part of our philosophy is something that brings us all together – to drink delicious beer.

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Crabs with beer
Beer cuisine

Beer goes very well with the cuisine of your choice. Accompany us on a tour of such dishes. A fresh Eichbaum Premium Pils with a steak, vegetables and salad? Sounds good, doesn’t it? A beer with fish or a dessert? YES! We show you which beer goes well with what dish. And our interactive beer sommelier will give you plenty of advice.

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Beer garden
Beer places

Can beer have a place? Sure! There are magical beer places, especially in summer, in a beer garden, where the Germans like to congregate. Under a chestnut tree, you can always enjoy your cold beer and a snack you brought with some nice people...

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Beer recipe
Beer recipes

Eichbaum premium beers do not only taste good when you drink them, you can also enjoy them in delicious dishes. Get inspired by our recipes and discover something new every week. Bon appétit!     

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Beer being tapped
Tapping & pouring

Beer is easy to handle! The right way of tapping and pouring is the icing on the cake (that is, the head on the beer). Only two draughts for a perfect pilsner with a perfect head: fill two thirds of the glass held at 45°, but let the head stabilise prior to the second draught...

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