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An alcohol-free malt drink - delicious energy!

Karamalz has been the classic malt drink for more than 50 years now, enjoyed by many consumers of whatever age. What is special about Karamalz Classic is its unique taste and natural ingredients, healthy carbohydrates and caramel malt. Thus, Karamalz is deliciously malty and ideal for the whole family. And then there are its successful advertising campaigns. And the brand was the first manufacturer to launch the family-friendly PET trading unit with its many advantages like reclosability.

Our guarantee

Its natural ingredients, traditional recipes and unique taste: There are several reasons why Karamalz has become one of the most popular soft drinks for all generations. And that popularity is why we think that this high quality has to be assured for good.




Karamalz at a glance


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Safe and delicious

  • Even before the first production step, all ingredients (brewing liquor barley malt, caramel sugar and hops etc.) are subjected to a strict quality inspection. Only the best ingredients are used.
  • This quality inspection and assurance takes place along the entire process, continuously.
  • For example, every single bottle is checked
    by an electronic inspection machine. Our state-of-the-art bottling process will only start if the bottle is in perfect condition. Later, the label and filling quantity will also be checked.
  • Before the bottle leaves our plant, our lab will once again check all the defined parameters. Only then will Karamalz products be sent on their way to our customers all over the world.

Quality criteria

We do not make any compromise when it comes to Karamalz’s quality! We want you to be able to enjoy every single sip! That is why we have all these product and quality inspections, produce in accordance with the latest standards and let external institutes audit us. Check out these:

  • Research center Weihenstephan of the TU München
    • The special quality of our products certified
    • Continuous inspections
    • Weihenstephan Quality Standard – more safety certified! (see bottom of the page)

  • Certified production in accordance with the International Food Standard
    • The IFS International Food Standard focuses upon food safety and product and process quality.
    • The IFS certificate attests to our safety and quality as a manufacturer of high-quality products



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